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The Deadly Pestilence That Walks in Darkness

It’s one thing to submit for common health, and another for common wealth. It’s one thing for humanity, and another for economy, especially by sacrificing humanity.

The question we need to ask ourselves is that are we submitting to the authorities or to our own desires? Are we boasting in the Lord or boasting in our presence in the building? Are we being bold for God or testing God?

If the coronavirus is a rod in the hands of God, it’s not a time to be bold. It’s a time to repent for our pride.


In Matthew 4:6-7, Satan quotes Psalm 91:11-12 to tempt Jesus, and Jesus’ response is, “You shall not put the Lord your God to the test.”

Today, Satan quotes Psalm 91:3, 6 to tempt Christians, and the response is, …

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Johannes G. Vos 魏司道 (1903-1983)
全名:Johannes Geerhardus Vos (已核实)

别称:J. G. Vos 或 “Jack”
曾支持 赵中辉牧师 创办 “改革宗翻译团契”
研读了希腊文新约圣经 42 遍


Geerhardus Vos 魏司坚 / 霍志恒 (1862-1949)
全名:Geerhardus Johannes Vos (已核实)
学生:梅晨 Machen、范泰尔 Van Til、约翰慕理 John Murray、等
同事:华腓德 (B. B. Warfield)


备注: 核实了 魏司坚 和 魏司道 的英文全名确实是一样的,只是次序不一样。第一个名字 (first name) 与 第二个名字 (middle name) 是故意颠倒的,不是错误。

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Genre Conventions 是什么?

Genre 这个字源于法文,意思是 “类型 type”。

Genre = (文学或音乐等艺术作品的) 类型、种类、体裁、风格。

Conventions = main features 主要特征,如:

主题 themes,背景 setting,人物 characters,
情节主线 plotlines,叙述结构 narrative structure,
语气 mood,道具 props 或重要物件 significant objects。