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Q. 如何 “順着聖靈而行”?

——John MacArthur

“Being filled by the Spirit, being controlled by the Spirit, dominated by the Spirit, is the same as letting the word of Christ dominate you, the word and the Spirit being the same. The word reflects the will of the Spirit, so if you want to walk by the Spirit, then you walk according to Scripture, according to what the Word of God teaches. You ask yourself why there’s so little interest in sanctification today? It’s directly parallel to little interest in the Scripture.

“Why there are so many people who fall in ugly and gross sin at all levels of the life of the church? It is because they do not know what they need to know to follow the mind of the Holy Spirit; they’re untaught. It is no favor done to people to preach nothing but simplistic evangelistic sermons, culturally based to try to attract non-believers week after week, year after year, and leave everybody sitting in there who’s come to Christ starving for spiritual truth and not knowing enough to win the battle that’s going on inside.”



參:加拉太書 5:16-25; 羅馬書 8:5-11

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——朱志山牧師 / 02. 行神跡異能的意義和目的 / 2024-02-25

“有時候你帶着問題來教會,你只要把道聽清楚的那個時候,其實你發現,你走出去的時候那個問題已經不是問題了。你裡面的 (問題) 大過你外面的 (問題)。你天天憂愁的那個東西,你一直看、越看問題越大、越看越沮喪。你 (真正) 的問題不是那個 (外面的) 問題本身造成的,是你心中沒有神的道、你不信神的道,你把這地上至暫至輕的東西看成好像是一切,然後沒有喜樂,天天在私慾裡面被捆綁。各位,這個的光景裡面你要被主的道釋放,這是重要的。神的道有能力。”

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Temptation / Test

– Harry Reeder

“Christians make a big mistake that we resist temptation and flee Satan, and I think the Bible would have us do the opposite. The Bible does not want us to flee Satan. The Bible wants us to resist Satan and he will flee from us (James 4:7). That which is to designed by the world, the flesh and the devil to ensnare us into sin, we are to flee that temptation and pursue the environment of holiness and the means of grace that build us up. When God brings tests, they’re not designed to ensnare us. What they are designed to do is edify us. A test from the divine hand does three things: To show us what we know, to show us what we don’t know, and to show us what we need to know.

“基督徒常常抵擋試探、逃避撒旦,這是一個大錯;我想聖經要我們做的恰恰相反。聖經沒有要我們逃避撒旦;聖經要我們抵擋撒旦,撒旦就會從我們面前逃跑 (雅各書4:7)。世界、肉體和魔鬼設計的誘惑,為了使我們陷入罪惡,我們應當逃離那試探,並追求聖潔的環境和恩典管道來使我們得到造就 (提後 2:22)。當上帝帶來試煉時,不是為了使我們陷入網羅,而是為了造就我們。從神而來的試煉有三個功用:告訴我們已經知道的,不知道的,以及需要知道的。