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敌基督 Antichrist

antichrist = ἀντίχριστος

anti = ἀντί = instead of, in place of

antichrist = substitute for Christ

For example, if the one you believe is a Savior but not the Lord of your life.

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1) 又真又活的上帝是存在的;
2) 又真又活的上帝是讲话的;
3) 又真又活的上帝会保存祂自己的话语。

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D. L. Moody: “The Bible will keep you from sin, or sin will keep you from the Bible.”

John Piper: “The problem of the Pharisees is not that they don’t have light, but they love darkness. You can’t see Jesus as glorious and supremely satisfying, and you can’t see what the Bible is written to reveal as supremely beautiful and satisfying, if you love your sins.”