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如果你不配下地獄,耶穌不是為你而來; 如果你不覺得你配下地獄,你就不需要耶穌。重生的基督徒應該是靈里貧乏、自我破碎、自覺無可救藥,同時又因信靠耶穌而得安息,有內心的平安和喜樂。 “罪的工價乃是死;惟有上帝的恩賜,在我們的主基督耶穌里,乃是永生” (羅 6:23)。如果有一天上帝要把你送下地獄,而你不能和那位強盜一起說 “我們是罪有應得的,因我們所受的與我們所做的相稱”,那麼你還沒有 (也不可能) 把你所有的盼望和信靠放在耶穌身上。(參: 可 2:17; 太 5:3; 路 23:41-42; 等)

If you don’t deserve hell, Jesus is not for you; and if you don’t think you deserve hell, you don’t need Jesus. The born-again Christian should be poor in spirit, broken in pride, and hopeless in self-righteousness, yet at the same time rest through faith in Jesus and have inner peace and joy. “For the wages of sin is death, but the gracious gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Rom. 6:23). If one day God is going to send you to hell and you can’t say with the robber that “We are punished justly, for we are getting what we deserve,” then you are not (and cannot be) putting all of your hope and trust on Jesus. (cf. Mark 2:17; Matt. 5:3; Luke 23:41-42; etc.)

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