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Howard Griffin – Black Like Me

美國有一個白人名叫格里芬(Howard Griffin),在一九五九年故意用藥物,太陽燈,染料將自己的膚色染黑成像一個黑人,藉以體驗一下真正黑人的遭遇。他去美國南部各州走了一趟,結果受到各種非人的待遇:有的車子他不能坐,有的餐館他不準進,的旅館他不能住,有的廁所他不準用;他遭受了不少的 逼害,輕視,欺騙,這些都記載在他的“Black Like Me”的書中,簡直令人難以置信。


       In the United States, there was a white man named Howard Griffin. In 1959, he deliberately used medicine, sun lamps, and dyes to make himself like a black man in order to experience what a real African American experienced. 


       He took a trip to the Southern states. He had encountered a variety of inhuman treatments: some cars he could not sit, some restaurants he could not enter, some hotels he could not live, and some restrooms he could not use; He also suffered persecutions, contempt and deceptions, which are all recorded in his book Black Like Me.


       In order to save us, the infinite God becomes finite, the holy God becomes the form of sinners, and the living God becomes the prisoner for death.

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