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Common-sense Christians

The truth is not lesser than common sense, but sometimes it is higher, because Satan is smarter than your common sense, and God is much higher than that.

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What We Need

Our conclusion is limited by our logic, and our logic is limited by our knowledge. What we need is not just knowledge; what we need is wisdom.

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— Joel Beeke, Living for God’s Glory, p.117

“If the elect could lose their salvation, the Father’s election would be ineffectual, Christ’s intercession would be irrelevant, and the Spirit’s sanctification would be impotent.”

“若选民会失去自己的救恩,圣父的拣选就归于无效,基督的代求就毫不相干,圣灵的成圣也就失去能力了。” (翻译: 陈知纲, 安娜)