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LXX Septuagint 七十士譯本


《七十士譯本》英文 Septuagint,或用羅馬數字 LXX (七十) 表示,是新約時代《希伯來聖經》的希臘語譯本,是由大概70位猶太學家在基督之前的2-3世紀完成的。《七十士譯本》普遍為猶太教和基督教信徒所認同,是新約作者在引用舊約的使用所使用譯本,甚至包括耶穌。聖經翻譯者十分尊重《七十士譯本》,一是因為那70多位猶太學家比現代的人更加明白希伯來語,二是因為新約寫作中使用了《七十士譯本》,這說明了包括耶穌和聖靈都視之為可靠的。

“The Septuagint was a translation of the Hebrew Old Testament into Greek done by 70 or so rabbis between 2 and 3 centuries before Christ. The Septuagint is what the New Testament usually quotes when it quotes the Old Testament, including when Jesus quotes the Old Testament. Bible translators tend to pay it respect, partly on the theory that a team of 70 plus rabbis steeped in Hebrew as their living language might understand Hebrew better than those who learned it millennia later as a second language; and partly on the belief that, since the New Testament took most of its Old Testament quotes from the Septuagint, Jesus and the Holy Spirit deemed it to be reliable.” — Larry Wilson

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