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Jan Hus 約翰·胡斯

The Voice of the Martyrs
On this day in 1415, theologian and reformer Jan Hus was martyred. His accusers made it clear at his trial that Hus would not only die, but that they planned for him to die without hope. “We take from you the cup of redemption,” the prosecutors solemnly intoned before sentencing him. But Hus replied, “I trust in the Lord God almighty … that He will not take away from me the cup of His redemption, but I firmly hope to drink from it today in His kingdom.”

1415年七月六日,神學改革家 Jan Hus (約翰· 胡斯) 殉道。控告他的人們在他受審理的時候就明確地表示他不僅會死,而且他們要讓他死得沒有指望。檢察官們在宣判之前嚴肅地對他說:”我們把救贖的杯從你撤去。” 但胡斯的回答是:”我相信主—全能的上帝…祂不會從我手中奪走祂的救贖之杯,而且我堅定地期待今日在祂的國里喝這杯。”


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