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by R. C. Sproul (史普羅)

“Ultimately, we’re redeemed not because of our worthiness but because of the worthiness of Christ. God is gracious to me in order to reward One who does deserve a reward—His only begotten Son. Do you see the intersection here of grace and justice? It is right or just that Christ should receive an inheritance, and we are that inheritance. That we are that inheritance is grace for us and justice for Christ.”

最終,我們被救贖不是因為我們配得,而是因為基督配得。 上帝恩待我們是為了獎賞那位值得獎賞的——祂的獨生子。 你看到 “恩典” 與 “公義” 的交叉點了嗎:基督承受基業是應當的(公義的、公正的),而我們就是那產業。換句話說,我們成為基督的產業,對我們來說是恩典,而對基督來說是公正。

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