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The hardest thing 最困難的事

“The hardest thing in the world for the Christians is to live by faith, rather than by sight.

“It’s difficult because we never see God. We have not been eyewitnesses of the Resurrection like the first century apostles were. We live on the basis of the testimony of those who went before us, and we are to walk by faith. Living Faith is trusting the promises of God. It’s one thing to believe in God, but it’s quite another thing to believe God.”

— R. C. Sproul

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转:婴儿洗礼 Infant Baptism

作者: Dr. Ligon Duncan



简单来说,上帝在旧约向亚伯拉罕和他的后代作出应许,并赐下割礼作为立约的印记 (创 17);到新约的时候,上帝向信徒和他们的孩子用同样的语言、重申了同样的应许,并赐下洗礼 (徒 2:38-39)。同一个应许贯穿了整本圣经。

耶稣的工作 = 带来天父的应许 = 路 24:49; 徒 1:4
应许 = 亚伯拉罕之约 = 加 3:13-14; 创 12, 15, 17
应许 = 赐下圣灵 = 徒 2:38-39; 加 3:13-14
洗礼替代了割礼 = 徒 2:38-39; 西 2:11-12



R. C. Sproul
John MacArthur (浸信会)
John Piper (浸信会)