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——Paul Washer

“When I became a Christian, I was well aware of my inability, that I would never become this theologian who understood all these things. So, I thought… I will do one thing. Even though I cannot give a lecture on Eschatology, and I can’t give a lecture on certain things, and I’m not very good at Apologetics… I will do one thing: I will study the cross. I will devote my life to one thing: knowing what it means that Jesus Christ died for me.

“And that knowledge is enough to take the weakest man and make him strong, the most pliant man and make him defiant, to make him run when he can’t walk, to make him lift when he is weary, to go on and on and on… There is enough motivation in that cross to propel you one thousand eternities of service.”

“当我成为基督徒的时候,我很清楚自己的能力有限,我可能永远无法成为那些能明白各样奥秘的神学家。所以,我想…我就做好一件事。即使我无法讲授《末世论》或其他课、也不擅长《护教学》,我就做一件事:我要研究十字架!我要用一生来做这件事:明白耶稣基督为我而死的意义!这知识足以让最软弱的人变得坚强、让最温顺的人懂得反抗、让无法行走的人奔跑、让疲倦的人重新得力…… 十字架有足够的动力驱使你,哪怕是要服事千万年!”

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