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Why Does God Seem Hidden?

by Jonathan Morrow, The Apologetics Study Bible for Students, Psalm 88 notes.

“At other times God hides for a season so that people will seek him more earnestly. This is part of how he teaches Christians to live dependent and grateful lives. There are moments when the pain and loss we feel in life’s circumstances make it seem that God is far away or altogether absent. At such times, we cry out with the psalmist: “LORD, why do you reject me? Why do you hide your face from me? (Ps 88:14). Even Jesus experienced an excruciating silence from God on the cross (Mk 15:34). Ultimately, Jesus is our example for trusting God when the silence is deafening.”

有时神 “藏” 起来,为要叫人切切地寻求祂。这是祂教导基督徒过信靠和感恩生活的一部分。有些时候,我们在生活环境中感受到的痛苦和失落,让我们觉得上帝似乎离我们很远,或者完全不在我们身边。在这种时候,我们和诗人一起喊着说: “神啊,你为何丢弃我?为何掩面不顾我?(Ps 88:14)。就连耶稣在十字架上也经历了神的静默 (可 15:34)。最后,当 “寂静欲聋” 的时候,耶稣是我们信靠神的榜样。”

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