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“Reformed is…”

Steven Lawson 史蒂芬·劳森:

When we say “Reformed”, we simply mean “biblical”, that we’ve come back to the Bible, and allow the Bible to frame our doctrines. Reformed in essence is: God formed the truth. And then the truth became deformed by false teachers, traditions and ecclesiastical hierarchy, which became the authority (instead of the Word of God). “Reformed” is to simply bring it back to where God formed it. So, man by his failure to properly teaching the Bible deformed it, and the reformers simply put it back to the form as God has originally given it.

当我们说 “改革宗” 或 “归正” 时,其实我们指的只是 “合乎圣经”,就是回到圣经之中,让圣经来构建我们的教义。“归正” 说到底就是:上帝在开始的时候赐下了真理,然后真理被假教师、坏传统或教会制度所扭曲,形成了新的权威(而不是上帝的话语);“归正” 其实就是把它带回到上帝当初启示它的样子。 简单来说,因为人未能正确地教导圣经而使圣经被扭曲,宗教改革家们只是将其恢复为上帝原本的意思。


唐崇荣 Stephen Tong: 

Reformed is a global invitation for the whole Church to return to the whole Bible with a whole heart.

真正的谦卑不是外形的、而是在心志上归回真理的那种愿意去自我修改。谦卑是真诚地悔改、改变和纠正自己 (Humility is the sincerity to repent, change and correct yourself)。

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