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Read the Bible to Your Anxiety

by John Piper


The Bible is a chain of linked thoughts, and each has a main point. We must figure out how the arguments support the main point in order to truly understand a passage.

Jesus assumes that Truth affects our emotions. Anxiety is an emotion, not a decision. Jesus attacks anxiety in Matthew 6 with truth, facts, promises, and reasons.

If the Bible’s arguments are not having an effect on you, it’s because you have little faith in what it says. Therefore, pray for faith in the word of Christ and meditate on that truth.

In Matthew 6:24-34, Jesus tells us 5 times of “do not be anxious” and gives 9 arguments:

  1. No one can serve two masters. (24)
  2. Life is more than food. (25)
  3. Look at the birds fed by the Father. (26)
  4. Anxiety cannot add a single hour to life. (27)
  5. Consider the lilies clothed by the Father. (28-30)
  6. For the Gentiles seek after all these things. (31-32)
  7. Your heavenly Father knows your needs. (32)
  8. All these things will be added to you. (33)
  9. Tomorrow will be anxious for itself. (34)


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