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“圣经提示我们信徒成圣的一种特殊模式。每一个信徒都必须追求圣经所要求我们的善行。这些善行是按照上帝的道德律 (moral law) 来完成的 (西敏信仰告白 16:1;海德堡要理问答 115)。在基督徒的生活中,善行有许多重要的原因,不只是作为 “真实活泼信心的果实和证明” 与 “坚固我们的信心” (西敏信仰告白 16:2;比利时信条 24)。我们对上帝的顺服是一种责任、也是一种喜乐。我们遵守上帝的律法,既是因为我们必须遵守,也是因为我们想要遵守。

“… The Bible alerts us to a particular pattern for the believer’s sanctification. Every believer must pursue those good works that the Bible requires of us. These good works are done in obedience to the moral law of God (see WCF 16.1; HC 115). Good works are important for many reasons in the Christian life, not least to serve as “the fruits and evidences of a true and lively faith” and to “strengthen [our] assurance” (WCF 16.2; compare Belgic Confession 24). Our obedience to God is both a duty and a delight. We obey God’s law both because we have to and because we want to. …”


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