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My diary during the Hebrew class in 2015 Summer


I pray for self-discipline and God gives me the Hebrew class; I pray for a break to catch up and God gives me a quiz. Although we need to learn Hebrew, it is not about Hebrew but God. It is about the calling and passion, and worshiping God. Although we need to do good in exams, God doesn’t need our grades. He called us and sent people to support us for the seminary, so that He can use us to benefit our other brothers.



Hebrew is not just a language, or not even a biblical language. It is the language that used by Abraham, David, and even Jesus! It is a culture and more than a culture. It is the scent of the Old Testament. It is the language of God! In the Bible, every Hebrew word is numbered. Every dot is unique! You don’t need mnemonic methods to remember vocabularies. You just need to love each of them! Oh! I can have no seminary. I can have no grades. I can have no sleeping. I can have no holidays. I can have no food. I can have no health. Just give me Hebrew!



“I don’t need the grades of my students. I need my students! When I die and see my Lord, I don’t need to give Him the grades, but I need to tell Him my students. My TA(s), although I need your helps to grade my students, what I need the most is your help to keep them. I want you to help me to help my students! When the class ends, don’t bring me the grades, but bring me my students. My goal is to hand them the basic tools and ignite the fire in their hearts. So they can continue to run, and run for God!” (I imagined I was the teacher…)



The BIGGEST challenge of the Hebrew class is not that we do not have time to learn, but we do not have time to read the Bible. How can a Christian study how to interpret God’s words everyday, but do not read the Bible in one day? Reading and no reading is one thing; reading more and reading less is another thing. Walking with God is one thing; walking with God with His words in mind is another thing!

“Once God has spoken; twice have I heard this: that power belongs to God” (Psalm 62:11).


July 12-17, 2015

A good study method and self-discipline are important to be more productive. Bad methods rely on the brain, and good methods rely on the tools. The difference is the way of doing repetitions. The key of good study methods is to make repetitions easy to access.

You need to know in order to do, but do in order to remember. For example, you needs to know the vocabularies to do the translations, and do the translations to truly remember the vocabularies.

This Hebrew battle has become more and more quiet. Sometimes I only see the Holy Spirit and myself. God not only trains me in the language, but also in self-discipline, study method, and worship in busy schedules. Honor God for the Sabbath, and God honors you. Let us work hard from day one to six, and let God uses his servants to take care of the rest.


July 19-24, 2015

Hebrew is not the problem, the problem is the time. Language is about repetition, but the point is how to do the repetition, while there is always not enough time? The goal is not to be given more time, but how to be trained to invest the time properly.

The less time needed to memorize things, the more time can be used to do other things. The keys of memorization are writing and repetition, and the keys of repetition are easy accessibility and self-discipline.

Though it takes more time to write, it takes less time to memorize. The self-discipline is to do the memorization as early as possible, and then review periodically, with the information easily accessible on hands.

“To you, O LORD, I lift up my soul. O my God, in you I trust; let me not be put to shame… Indeed, none who wait for you shall be put to shame…” (Psalm 25:1-3).


July 27-31, 2015

It was noisy, now it is quiet.
It was unclear, now it is the whole picture;
It was not confident, now it is a vision.

It is not about grades, it is about Hebrew.
It is not about Hebrew, it is about the time.
It is not about the time, it is about perseverance.
It is not about perseverance, it is about God!
It is about the word of God, with a mind for truth.
It is about Reformed Theology.

One thing at a time, and never give up. Maybe I am always behind, but I am always better. I know why I come, and I know where I go. This is not an end but a start.

Thanks God!

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