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by Glenna Marshall

“If we want to read our Bibles regularly, then we have to prioritize it in our lives. Same thing for prayer. Same thing with church involvement. It’s better to think about building your life around spiritual disciplines rather than fitting them in when you can…that is how you build those disciplines into a regular part of your life—building your life around them rather than just fitting in pieces.”

“如果我们想要定时阅读圣经,那么我们必须把它列为生活的优先事项,包括祷告和参与教会。用这些 “属灵操练” (spiritual disciplines) 来构建你的生活总比抽出时间来安排它们更加好。这就是如何将这些操练建立为你每天生活的一部分 – 用它们来建立你的生活,而不仅仅是把它们塞进日程中。”


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