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The Puritan Sabbath

Puritan Sabbatarianism or Reformed Sabbatarianism, often just Sabbatarianism, is observance of Sabbath in Christianity that is typically characterised by devotion of the entire day to worship, and consequently the avoidance of recreational activities. …

清教徒安息日主义 (Puritan Sabbatarianism)、改革宗安息日主义 (Reformed Sabbatarianism)、或有时只称 安息日主义 (Sabbatarianism),是在基督教里一种遵守安息日的奉献,其特征是全天敬拜,因此废止一切娱乐性的活动。…


Strict Sunday Sabbatarianism is sometimes called “Puritan Sabbath“, and may be contrasted with “Continental Sabbath“. The latter follows the continental reformed confessions, such as the Heidelberg Catechism, which emphasize rest and worship on the Lord’s Day, but do not explicitly forbid recreational activities.” (Wikipedia)

严守安息日主义 (Strict Sunday Sabbatarianism) 或 清教徒安息日 (Puritan Sabbath) 与 欧洲大陆安息日 (Continental Sabbath) 有所不同。后者追随 欧洲大陆的归正信仰告白,如 海德堡要理问答 (Heidelberg Catechism),其强调在主日的安息和敬拜,但不会特别禁止一切娱乐性的活动。

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