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  • 学生:Ignatius of Antioch (伊格那修, 35-107 AD)
  • 学生:Polycarp (坡旅甲, 69-155 AD)
      • Irenaeus (爱任纽, 130-202 AD)
  • 旁听:Papias (帕皮亚, 60-130 AD)

“Both Ignatius (伊格那修) and Polycarp (坡旅甲) were the disciples of John (使徒约翰). In fact there is this great legend in church history that as Ignatius was John’s disciple, and Polycarp was John’s disciple, then Polycarp was also Ignatius’ disciple.
Polycarp would go on to disciple Irenaeus (爱任纽).” (https://www.ligonier.org/podcasts/5-minutes-in-church-history-with-stephen-nichols/two-disciples-of-john-polycarp)

“According to the second century Bishop Irenaeus (爱任纽) of Lyons, Papias (帕皮亚) was a hearer of John the Apostle (使徒约翰).” (https://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Papias)

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