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Temptation / Test

– Harry Reeder

“Christians make a big mistake that we resist temptation and flee Satan, and I think the Bible would have us do the opposite. The Bible does not want us to flee Satan. The Bible wants us to resist Satan and he will flee from us (James 4:7). That which is to designed by the world, the flesh and the devil to ensnare us into sin, we are to flee that temptation and pursue the environment of holiness and the means of grace that build us up. When God brings tests, they’re not designed to ensnare us. What they are designed to do is edify us. A test from the divine hand does three things: To show us what we know, to show us what we don’t know, and to show us what we need to know.

“基督徒常常抵挡试探、逃避撒旦,这是一个大错;我想圣经要我们做的恰恰相反。圣经没有要我们逃避撒旦;圣经要我们抵挡撒旦,撒旦就会从我们面前逃跑 (雅各书4:7)。世界、肉体和魔鬼设计的诱惑,为了使我们陷入罪恶,我们应当逃离那试探,并追求圣洁的环境和恩典管道来使我们得到造就 (提后 2:22)。当上帝带来试炼时,不是为了使我们陷入网罗,而是为了造就我们。从神而来的试炼有三个功用:告诉我们已经知道的,不知道的,以及需要知道的。

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