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1) 又真又活的上帝是存在的;
2) 又真又活的上帝是讲话的;
3) 又真又活的上帝会保存祂自己的话语。

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D. L. Moody: “The Bible will keep you from sin, or sin will keep you from the Bible.”

John Piper: “The problem of the Pharisees is not that they don’t have light, but they love darkness. You can’t see Jesus as glorious and supremely satisfying, and you can’t see what the Bible is written to reveal as supremely beautiful and satisfying, if you love your sins.”

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一个信仰准则(西敏信条) One Faith Standards
两个要理问答(西敏大小) Two Catechisms
三项联合信条(比多) Three Forms of Unity
四大信经(使亚) Four Creeds
五大唯独(经荣) Five Solas
五大教义(TULIP 郁金香) Five Doctrines
六十六卷新旧约圣经 Sixty-Six Books of the Bible
一个信仰准则和两个要理问答 (苏格兰改革宗 Scottish Reformed)
西敏信仰告白 Westminster Confession of Faith  (1647)
西敏大要理问答 Westminster Larger Catechism  (1647)
西敏小要理问答 Westminster Shorter Catechism  (1647)
三项联合信条 (荷兰改革宗 Dutch Reformed)
比利时信条 Belgic Confession of Faith  (1561)
海德堡要理问答 Heidelberg Catechism  (1563)
多特信经 Canons of Dort  (1618-19)
四大信经 Creeds
使徒信经 Apostle’ Creed (1-2nd Century)
尼西亚信经 Nicene Creed (325)
迦克墩信经 Chalcedon Creed (451)
亚他那修信经 Athanasian Creed (5-7th Century)
五大唯独 Five Solas
唯独圣经 Scripture Alone Sola Scriptura
唯独恩典 Grace Alone Sola Gratia
唯独信心 Faith Alone Sola Fide
唯独基督 Christ Alone Solus Christus
唯独神的荣耀 God’s Glory Alone Soli Deo Gloria
加尔文五大教义 (TULIP 郁金香)
人全然败坏 Total Depravity
无条件的拣选 Unconditional Election
有限的赎罪 Limited Atonement
不可抗拒的恩典 Irresistible Grace
圣徒永蒙保守 Perseverance of the Saints